At the day of the race

Food and drinks
On and around the start and finish area there is plenty of opportunity to eat and drink. For participants, a bottle of AH-water (0.5 l) is available immediately after the finish.  Most shops on the Eemplein, and supermarket Albert Heijn and bio-supermarket Ekoplaza, are open on Sundays

Medical aid stations (EHBO)
A first aid post is present at each aid station and there are two mobile toilets (except the extra post at Sint Andriesstraat)

There are sufficient toilets on the Eemplein (see map). Follow the directions on the signposting for the exact location.

Changing clothes
Changing room is at, Het Lokaal, at 100 mtrs from start/finish (see map). There are no showers. At ‘Zandfoort aan de Eem‘ you can leave your bag and pick it up again, only by showing your bib number!

Running conditions
During the competition we offer water, PowerBar provides the sports drink and distributes PowerBar Isoactive at the care posts. Take this and ensure that you get enough minerals and energy along the way. You may have trained for a new personal record, but you would do well to adjust your pace in possible warm conditions. Start controlled and check your pace; the adrenaline at the start makes it easy to start quickly. Run at your own pace and avoid major tempo changes during your race

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